Mayfair Brands
elegance is our attitude

Mayfair Vodka

Our vodka is produced at one of the few remaining distilleries in London by a Master Distiller whose family business is still thriving after 300 years. For perfection, we use both column still and pot still distillation methods to produce Mayfair Vodka. First, using UK grown grain, we distill the spirit six times in column stills, producing an exceptionally clean vodka. Then, we take a portion of this spirit and distill it again in pot stills to soften the spirit providing a smooth, well balanced finish.

Mayfair Brands

Our Cocktails

Mayfair & Tonic

35ml Mayfair Vodka
Top with tonic
Garnish: Lime Twist
Glass: Highball

Mayfair Vodka & Tonic

The Mayfair Oriental Mystery

35ml Mayfair Vodka
80ml Green Tea
15ml Lychee Liqueur
5ml Gomme
Garnish: Lemon Twist
Shake & strain long, over ice
Glass: Collins

Mayfair Oriental Deluxe

The Mayfair Debonair

35ml Mayfair Vodka
15ml Velvet Felurnum
50ml Cloudy Apple Juice
Garnish: Mint Leaf
Shake & Strain up
Glass: Martini

Mayfair Debonair

The Mayfair Quintessential

35ml Mayfair Vodka
Top with Bitter Lemon
Garnish: Lemon Wheel
Glass: Highball

Mayfair Quintessential